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Октябрь 2018. "Зброя та Безпека - 2018" 


Декабрь 2015. Секретарь СНБО Украины А. Турчинов посетил производство “Аэротехника-МЛТ” в пгт. Макаров. 


Май-июнь 2014 года. Внедрение процедур зависимого наблюдения



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Системы УВД

ATC Tower Simulator

Best among any other competitors, recognized as a best looking and most flexible ATC Tower Simulator on ATC Global 2012

Air Traffic Control Tower Simulator is intended for training of controllers in simplified, normal and complex environment and simulates air and ground traffic in the terminal area. The technology used allows assessment of airport optimal load conditions (RWY, stands and taxiways) to increase airport capacity. Training can be performed in simplified and complex climatic conditions in day or night time, in winter or summer time.

Tower Simulator can be used both in standalone configuration or for complex training in conjunction with ACC (Area Control Centre) Simulator.

Tower Simulator includes visualization system implementing sector or circular (360*) overview done in different solutions

Visual exercise editor allows dynamic graph-based editing and real-time updates during simulation, large set of presets and templates provided (seasons, weather conditions, situations, ...), 100% visual editing, no coding or scripting required, built-in intelligent assistance

Dispatcher, virtual pilot and visual editor connected together to provide best experience and joint work

Visualization with rich environment and highly detailed vehicles. Mechanics, avionics and other parts of vehicle is working and simulated (wheels, flaps, …)

Fully dynamic transition for day time, seasons and weather