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October 2018. "Arms and Security - 2018"


December 2015. Secretary of NSDC of Ukraine have visited manufacturing facilities of “Aerotechnica-MLT”.


May-June 2014. Implementation of Automatic dependent surveillance – broadcast (ADS-B) procedures.


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Our products:

SAM systems

Surface-to-Air Missile (SAM) System S-125-2D "Pechora-2D"


Pechora_launcher Pechora_radar 

Surface-to-Air Missile (SAM) System S-125-2D "Pechora-2D" is intended for fighting modern and future means of air attack in conditions of heavy jamming and interference. Modernized SAM System S-125-2D efficiently destroys low-flying and low-sized targets in conditions of heavy radio interference.
Modernized SAM System S-125-2D has service life of 15 years, increased target engagement envelope, increased efficiency and mobility, improved operation in conditions of heavy jamming. S-125-2D also features automatic distribution of air situation and combat monitoring data to higher level Command Post.
S-125-2D has increased reliability (achieved largely by replacement of 90% of original elements) and MTBF of 1500 hours.
S-125-2D achieved the following capabilities:
   • Receiving air situation from supporting radars with digital output;
   • GPS-based topography system;
   • Monitoring of own components and data communication lines;
   • Recording of air situation and combat activity;
   • Simulation of air situation;
   • Standard modular configuration, good reparability.
The potential (detection range) of Missile Guidance Radar is increased by 1.49 times due to improved sensitivity of Receivers.


  • Automatic receiving, processing and displaying of air situation distributed by radar sensors supporting SAM system S-125-2D and higher level Command Post (up to 150 aircraft targets). 
  • Rejection of jamming and pulse interference by using optic channels, two working frequencies of radar channel, wide dynamic range of Receiver, efficient algorithms of interference protection. 
  • Rejection of nonsynchronous interference through special signal filtration.
  • Tracking and position finding of selected target in following modes: automatic, manual and hybrid tracking via radar and optic channels. 
  • Automatic computation and displaying of missile engagement envelope, determination and updating of hit-point for current firing conditions.
  • Automatic computation of missile launching moment.
  • Launching and automatic guidance of two 5V27D missiles. Either missile can be guided by three point or half lead method.
  • Measuring missile guidance errors, displaying guidance errors at moment of hit. 
  • Generation and distribution of air situation and combat monitoring data to higher level Command Post.
  • Pre-combat and online monitoring of SAM equipment, displaying status of communication lines, radar sensors, SAM guidance radar and missile launchers. 
  • Recording of air situation, status and availability of missiles, results of combat activity, actions of the operators, voice communications, data transmission quality.
  • Automated GPS-based position determination of Antenna Post (UNV -2D) and Missile Launcher (5P73-2D).
  • Synchronization of SAM operation through GPS-based local master clock system.
  • Computer-aided preparation of reporting documents.
  • Communications between officers of UNK-2D.


  • Control cabin (UNK-2D*);
  • Antenna post (UNV-2D*);
  • Launcher (5P73-2D*) - 4 sets;
  • Electrical Power Supply System (SAES-2D*);
  • Transporter-loader vehicle (PR-14AM) - 8 sets;
  • Radar P-180U (P-190U);
  • Control cable (KU-2D);
  • Power cable (KS-2D).


  * - Units are modernized.

Control cabin (UNK-2D) is based on KRAZ-260 wheeled chassis with shelter accommodating four workstations of operators, data processing and recording equipment, communications equipment and power generators. New control cabin performs target assignment and distributes targets to guidance operator. Antenna post (UNV-2D) features new servo drives for antenna positioning , new modulator of magnetron transmitter, new system to generate and send guidance commands to guided missiles, improved TV optic channel, new infrared channel (option).


Modernized Launcher (5P73-2D) features new integrated servo drives, new system for missile preparation and launching, integration of GPS and digital magnetic compass.


Performance data



Channels capacity, target


Channels capacity, missile


Maximum target detection range, bomber type


- at altitude 7 km not less than 100 km
- at altitude 0.15 km not less than 50 km
- at altitude 0.1 km not less than 28 km

Maximum target speed:

- closing in 800 m/s
- in pursuit 300 m/s

Detection and stable tracking of targets with RCS of 0.1 sqm

21 km

Engagement envelope:

- minimum target hit altitude 0.02 km
- maximum target hit altitude 21 km
- minimum range of engagement envelope 3.5 km
- maximum horizontal range of engagement envelope 26.6 km
- maximum slant range of engagement envelope 35 km
- maximum course parameter 24 km

Single shot hit probability at a range:

- up to 25 km 0.72 – 0.97
- from 25 to 35 km 0.51 – 0.95

Methods of guidance

- Three point;
- Half lead.

Modes of operation of the target channel


- Radar channel Implemented
- Optic television channel Implemented
- Optic thermal channel Implemented

Target engagement time

2.5 – 3.0 s

Number of simultaneously connected launchers


System start-up time

Up to 4 min

Mean Repair Time (MRT)

Up to 12 min

Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF)

Not less than 1500 h

Simulator for combat crews


SAM system S-125-2D is intended for 24/7 operation in the following conditions:
• Outdoor temperature range: from - 25°C to + 50°C;
• Relative humidity: less than 98% at +25°C;
• Wind speed: 25 m/s;
• Atmospheric pressure: 660 - 830 mmHg.;
• Storage temperature: from - 60°C to + 65°C.