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October 2018. "Arms and Security - 2018"


December 2015. Secretary of NSDC of Ukraine have visited manufacturing facilities of “Aerotechnica-MLT”.


May-June 2014. Implementation of Automatic dependent surveillance – broadcast (ADS-B) procedures.


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May-June 2014. Implementation of Automatic dependent surveillance Ė broadcast (ADS-B) procedures.

To ensure flight safety within airspace previously controlled by Simferopol Air Traffic Control Centre, Ukrainian State Air Traffic Services Enterprise (UkSATSE) decided to expand the coverage of  Odessa FIR applying new technologies.


Aerotechnica provides interfacing and utilization for multi-tracking processing (Anastasiya-2 ATC System produced by Aerotechnica) of ADS-B receivers distributed over Ukraine.


Application of DF-17 extended squitter data for tracking ensures the controller will receive more accurate and reliable data on position and dynamics of aircraft, which improves fight safety and  increases intensity of air traffic.